IT’S TIME Take the Pledge for self-care
to be our priority—
self-care that’s
good for the heart.

Saturday June 5th, 2021
9 AM – 10:30 AM CST

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Real Stories from the Heart

Walking for me, especially outdoors in nature, is an act of love and self-care. It takes care of my physical heart, releases stress and restores my soul.

Sarah Sanders, PharmDBoard of Directors, Immediate Past President, AMA Foundation

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Find your tribe – your friends know what you’re going through, so check in with each one. Remember that ‘no’ is a full sentence, and really stop to take a breath, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Stephanie GatesChicago, IL

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You cannot function at your best for your family, your job, your friends, your church and community, if you don’t give yourself your best first.
Stephanie JohnsonChicago, IL

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Knowing our numbers is part of our larger effort to care for ourselves, enjoy our bodies and life for decades to come.

Karinn A. Glover, MD, MPHBronx, NY

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49% of Black women over the age of 20
are living with heart disease.

Release the Pressure is bringing together
Black women from across America —
reminding them to make self-care a
priority to improve their heart health.
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Meet the Release the Pressure Squad

The RTP Heart Health Squad, a coalition of national health care professional organizations and heart health experts with a shared goal of partnering with Black women to support their heart health.

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