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heart health.
We know that finding the right resources to help manage your health can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve put together some heart healthy options for you to take your health into your own hands.

Option 1:
Set a BP Goal With A Health Care Professional

Connect with your health care professional to schedule an appointment, whether in-person or virtually (ask if phone or video calls are an option). These resources can help you prepare.

Understanding Home BP Numbers
Health Care Professional Discussion Guide

Option 2:
Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home

Once you know your blood pressure goal and numbers, it’s important to keep track at home. These resources can show you how.

Step 1: Get started with this BP Measurement Training Video to learn the key steps to accurately measuring your blood pressure at home.

Step 2: DOWNLOAD Measuring BP Accurately

Step 3: DOWNLOAD Tracking Your BP Numbers

Option 3: Activate Your Wellness Plan

Create a wellness plan
These healthy cooking, physical activity, and meditation resources can help you get started.

How Too Much Sodium Affects Your Health
Ways To Hassle Free Healthy Meal Prep
Ways To Stop Stress in Its Tracks
5 Facts on Being An Active Adult

Practice Mindfulness
Guided Meditations and Sleepcast by Headspace
Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness
Wake Up Vid
Wind Down Vid

Option 4:
Make Self-Care A Group Thang!

Stay connected and motivated by checking in with your squad regularly. Get creative during COVID – use phone calls, video chat, or email – whatever works to help you achieve goals and stick with your heart wellness plans.

Don’t forget to join the movement and take the pledge to make self-care that’s good for the heart a priority!

For Health Care Professionals

Learn more about supporting patients on their heart health journey and how your team can be involved in the campaign.

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