Release the
Threat Challenge
Managing your blood pressure
goes beyond taking preventive measures
— it means following your doctor’s orders.
This year has been crazy. Between adjusting to this pandemic life and coping with news reports of yet another Black person being shot, it feels like we’re in survival mode.

If your doctor has warned you about high blood pressure or diagnosed you with it, it can feel like yet another heavy load to carry. The current state of the world can raise your blood pressure, but think about this: Do you really need the added threat of a heart attack, stroke, or some other serious consequence because of not managing your high blood pressure?

The Release the Threat 7-day Challenge is all about starting your journey toward lower blood pressure.

Show Your Heart Some TLC
Take Our 7-Day Release the Pressure Challenge

For these 7 days, your goal is to:

– Take your medication correctly.

– Check your blood pressure every day.

Why — and How — to
Stop the Threat of a Heart Attack or Stroke

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can wreak havoc on your body for years by damaging blood vessels (the channels that carry blood throughout the body) and forcing your heart to work extra hard. This can result in serious — even life-threatening — consequences, like a heart attack or stroke.

Managing your blood pressure goes beyond taking preventive measures like cutting out salt, exercising more, or decreasing stress. If you’ve been diagnosed or warned that you’re at risk for high blood pressure, it means working with your health care professional and following their advice and prescribed treatment.

No Excuses: Dealing With Your “But’s”

If you’ve struggled to manage your high blood pressure, ask yourself why? What have been the biggest barriers? Here are some ways to talk yourself out of letting barriers you can control stop you from taking care of yourself.

We all forget things sometimes, but keeping a pill box or setting an alarm on your phone can help you to remember.

There are medication assistance programs available, and you can also opt for the generic form of the medication since it’s cheaper. Discuss the options with your health care professional to find the option that’s best for you.

Blood pressure monitors are generally inexpensive. Just make sure to talk to your provider before you buy a monitor to make sure you’re getting the most effective one.

That’s what we’re here for. This training video will help you learn the right way to take your blood pressure.

Now is a great time to get proactive and take steps to keep your blood pressure from rising.

Learn more about what blood pressure numbers actually mean.

This is 100% valid — but instead of making this #705, move it into your top spot. The longer you wait to get it under control, the bigger a threat it can become. And remember that you’re not actually choosing between yourself and your family. Prioritizing your health and prioritizing your family go together.

By the way, have you updated your vision board lately?

Visualize your goals — and make them happen!

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