Release Unhealthy
Habits Challenge
Now’s the time to release unhealthy habits.
You never needed them anyway.
You know what we’re talking about. It’s the temptation that trips you up every time it’s available — messing up your health goals and your diet plan. Maybe it’s a craving, maybe it’s comfort food. Either way, you know it’s a problem and it’s got to go.
These temptations can include:

  • Salty, greasy, and fried foods
  • Tobacco — one of the biggest heart health enemies out there
  • Alcohol — and not in moderation (translation: a Long Island is not considered one drink)

Whatever your temptation is, it’s time to prove it doesn’t control you.

The Release Unhealthy Habits 7-day Challenge is all about putting an end to unhealthy choices that can increase your blood pressure and, in turn, provide some much-needed care for your heart.

Show Your Heart Some TLC
Take Our 7-Day Release the Pressure Challenge

For these 7 days, your goal is to:

– Pick your temptation.

– Cut it out entirely.

– Replace it with a healthy habit.

Why Releasing Unhealthy Habits
Means Improving Your Blood Pressure

We get it. With the world being so stressful, many of us are reaching for these unhealthy temptations. But indulging in unhealthy foods, tobacco, or alcohol is giving that stress a lot of power over your health and your life.
Taking this challenge means taking that power back.

Excessive salt is harmful for your heart. Too much salt in your diet is linked to high blood pressure, and most Americans eat too much salt.

Tobacco isn’t good — for anyone. After that very first puff of a cigarette, tobacco can immediately raise your blood pressure. Black women are especially at risk for heart disease if they choose to smoke.

As for alcohol, not only can it increase your blood pressure slightly, but it’s also high in calories.

Whether you choose to say goodbye to excessive sodium, smoking, alcohol, or some other unhealthy food, your heart will thank you.

No Excuses: Dealing With Your “But’s”

Everything attacking your physical and mental health may not be within your control — but this one likely is. And taking back that control is your first line of defense of protecting your body’s most important treasure — your heart.
Here’s how to tell those doubts to hush:

Unhealthy foods may be quick, but they’re full of sodium. Try a healthy one-pot meal full of lean meat and veggies instead. Keep in mind, planning ahead by stocking your cabinet full of heart-healthy essentials can make things quicker, too.

Even if you never reach for the salt shaker, you should still monitor your salt intake. More than 75% of sodium in a typical American diet comes from processed foods

Replace the salt with something else, like spices, herbs, garlic, and citrus to bring flavor to your food instead.

We agree. And you deserve to unwind with something that rewards you — not harms you. Swap wine for yoga or meditation (check out the Wind-down Workout with Headspace). Or, take a hot bath and put on some soothing music.

Your body is strong, and it’s well-equipped to recover from the damage of smoking. Quitting smoking can help improve your circulation, lung function, and breathing. After time, it can also reduce your risk of heart disease.

By the way, have you updated your vision board lately?

Visualize your goals — and make them happen!

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