A Vision Board

is a collage of your goals and dreams.
A Wellness Vision Board focuses on your health —
with the ultimate goal of having a healthy heart.
You can build your vision board on a poster board or corkboard with photos, magazine clippings, quotes, or other material. Or use your laptop to create a slide deck with images. The one constant is that vision boards are for visualizing and realizing your dreams.

If you’re familiar with vision boards, you know they can focus on anything — wealth, your ideal partner, whatever you want. But this one focuses on visualizing your own self-care and wellness — with the ultimate goal of having a healthy heart.

What are you waiting for?

Gather your materials, meet up with your squad virtually (through Zoom, Google Meet, or a good old-fashioned phone call), talk about your self-care goals, and create your own Wellness Vision Board. Download our guide to kick off your virtual Wellness Vision Board party!
Share it with your girls, and make yourself your priority for at least a moment.

After creating your Wellness Vision Board, keep it front and center — like in your home office or bedroom — so you will see it regularly. Then, meet with your squad again in three months to share your progress and make updates.

Happy creating your dream YOU!

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